Welcome to MeasureColor Labs!

MeasureColor Labs will offer you a variety of handy tools and services that we have developed but not (yet) released officially. These tools are here for you to play with, test and help you do your daily work better.

Please note that all applications and services you find here come 'as-is' with no support and no warranty.

But please do let us know what you think of the stuff you find here!


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SVF to CSV Colorbar Converter

Can be used to convert SVF exported measurements from other software to a MeasureColor-ready Color bar. Especially useful for inkzone bars.


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CGATs to CSV Converter

Can be used to convert color bar definitions from cgats to MeasureColor csv format.
Note: CGATS only to be used for non-inkzone based color bars.



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MeasureColor Database Backup Utility

Backup your local database with ease using our backup utility.